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We at American Product Solutions, Inc. broker products in quantity.  We buy from the manufacturers, and sell direct to our customers.   Allowing us to sell for less .... Passing the savings on to you, our customer!

*Lumber    *Decking    *Doors    *Fencing Materials    *Glass Block    *Concrete Block    *Bricks    *Fasteners

*Lighting    *Electrical    *Roofing    *Sprinklers    *Windows    *Tile

*Vinyl Siding    *Drywall    *Drywall Supplies    *Wire    *Cabinets *Concrete Products     *Air Duct Material

*Landscape Material    *Golf Course Sand    *Sod

*Culverts    *Gutters    *PVC Pipe    *Storm Shutters    *Iron    *Steel








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